The best Side of क्या हमारे देवता व पूर्वज एलियंस थे

Demonetization can be achieved by undertaking foreseeable future actions,critical conditions & better filtering or atleast govt ought to have found an individual as just one vote.

मेरी शिकायत घांटशिला प्रखण्ड मे होने वाले प्रज्ञा केंन्द्रो और आधार पंजिकरण केन्द्रो की चैंन पुर और घांटशिला प्रखण्ड के अंन्तगर्त आने वाले सुनील नाम के जो ब्यक्ति केंद्र चलते है वह अवैध वसुली कर रहे है !

I, as someone of typical prudence, observed only two key ministers whom I come upon as the greater among others-viz:

This adoption of demonetization has carried out with any eye in norther state elections as a last vacation resort to survive the ruling govt. What has created the government to try and do the demonetization once the election? The government has taken a superb determination although not in appropriate time. Somewhat, The federal government would've printed The brand new forex sufficiently reaches towards the masses then would have demonetization could be simpler and inconvenience no cost.

Demonetisation can be not the only real Alternative but it is a Daring move to curb fake cash of terrorist and black revenue of heartless. Demonetisation will By natural means deliver fourth digitisation and India will direct the whole world in utilizing cyber, cloud and internet. Employing these services will coach common people in using upcoming Quantum computing which is the subsequent evolutionary move of human race. Due to liberty inside our lifestyle to express you We are sufferer of pseudo intellectualism as opposing depicts egoistic skill.

It is clear that ONLY that cash might be influenced by this ‘Tughlaqi Farmaan’ of Modi. And what share of that money would really be destroyed or manufactured ineffective (Black money hoarders are still trying a great deal of methods to convert it into white)… (two) What would be the ‘Financial Reduction’ towards the region resulting from stoppage of all Smaller Scale businesses, industry and male energy loss?

Lots of businessman acquire revenue from us, the general public, at the time of providing merchandise, but donot deposit to Govt.Tax gathered from us, maintain as black revenue, read more is some component utilised to bribe politicians,administration and rest held from the businessman. A parallel economic system is operate by this sort of corrupt businessman

If this was not lawfully acquired income and was held back in the process to roll back again! did the Govt do a Mistaken point?

आपसे आग्रह है कि त्वरित् कार्रवाई करने की आदेश दिया जाय ।

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"The 13 p.c range They are quoting has lots of assumptions dependent close to it," said Sean Gulick, a geophysicist on the University of Texas at Austin. The asteroid churned up soot, he claimed, but soot was "not the motive force" that killed the dinosaurs.

Sir you only declare that who will be responsible for this do the job of uploading of auto information’s. And now you are only one who will clear up to this problem to beat out of this. I have despatched you a figures of email on your own email id but their is no reply of yours.

As a result of this we are pressured to leave in the unhealthy environment . And immediately after complaining to regraded authorities no stage is being taken.

but in vain.Until date online Invoice payment of electrical power intake at Deoghar isn't working adequately.I can only view the Monthly bill of electrical power use but payment gateway isn't going to work and we are unable to shell out bill on the web.It is my request that involved officers be directed to explore the matter making sure that general public couldn't get harassed.

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